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Thank you for your interest in my web site. Please be a regular visitor to my site and use my free Healing Book Entry for anyone you know who is in need of distant or absent healing.....maybe it's yourself? This only requires a text or email to start the process, I will do the rest. Please keep me informed of progress and improvements in their condition as feedback is very important to me. Please note...I will never use your contact details (other than for a reply) or pass on your phone number or details to anyone, ever!

Please also send in your testimonials or comments on my performance or healing treatment, if you have experienced my work on platform, in private or if you have received healing from me. It really helps people who have never experienced how a medium or healer works. Please email these to me and I will post on this website.

If paranormal issues are affecting you or your family or if you want to get involved in investigations, please visit my paranormal page.

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Whether you are interested in a private reading, group reading or psychic suppers, card readings or negative energy clearing or healing I will be more than happy to help. I am also an active Paranormal Investigator and I would love to hear your stories, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you.

I have fortunately been asked by 'Haunted Ventures' to be their 'Guest Medium' for their Paranormal Investigations. These events are by ticket only and can be booked or viewed by clicking here or visiting their website

Please visit my Healing Page and if needed, add yourself or a friend to my healing record. I will add your request to my list for thirty days. 

Steve Corbett the Medium

Recent Trip to Colosseum Rome


If you have received healing from me, seen me work on platform or have met me and experienced any messages from spirit through me anytime or anywhere, please visit my testimonial page and leave a very brief explanation of your experience. My aim is to reach and bring comfort to as many people as possible through this work. Many people are curious but sceptical and I hope that your experiences will help reassure them and help them to relax, allowing them to continue exploring this amazing phenomenon with a little more knowledge. Thank you. 

I have been lucky enough to recently visit the huge marble cross in the picture above, high on these rocks overlooking the ocean, which is located at St Francois, Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean. This location in St Francois is known by the locals as a very spiritual spot on the island and I feel very lucky to have had the chance to visit such a beautiful place (even though the walk up the rocks was a bit scary). I was taking some time off after performing three healing sessions and one private reading for various members of a TV production company working in Guadeloupe at the time.

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About Me

I was born in Cheam Village, Surrey. Myself and my sister grew up in Cheam and Mum and Dad lived there for most of their lives. Dad passed to spirit a few years ago and mum is sadly suffering from severe Dementia so has unfortunately been admitted to a care home. I married and moved to Epsom many years ago, which is where I set up our family home with my wife and three children.

I own and run a construction business, but love the fact that healing, readings and platform work demand much of my time also, which is great for me!

I always had an interest and a connection with spirit, 'life after death', paranormal and the unknown since I was very young. Many years ago I visited Medium 'Lynn Rose' of Ewell in Surrey for a private reading for myself, to see how she delivered the gift she had. Since this reading, Lynn has become a good friend and mentor, initially teaching me how to interpret messages correctly, how to control my erratic message flow and how to hold on to my spritual links longer, allowing me to deliver them to their intended recipient. The training I received years ago, has allowed me to control the messages I am constantly fed now from the spirit world and has allowed me to 'switch off' when it is not appropriate to be connecting with spirit! There are many people who are able to connect with spirit or feel they have a gift, but training to harness and control that gift is essential.

Lynn introduced me to Platform Work where nowadays I either work alone, beside Lynn in many cases or occasionally with other mediums for various churches and spiritual organisations, performing demonstrations for people to come and see and get involved in.

I still belong to a Closed Circle run by Lynn, where myself and a select group of people (personally invited by Lynn), meet weekly to further their interest and carry out private readings for guests. We learn about each other experiences, organise field trips and investigations, allow new members to experience and learn this amazing gift and discuss recent and forthcoming events.

Through Lynn I learned visualisation, meditation and calming techniques, but most importantly, I learned how to retain that important connection with spirit and to be able to act as a 'translator' or 'messenger' between the two worlds for the purpose of informing the 'non aware', of what exists beyond what we can see. The feeling is 'second to none' and allows me and my guests to share amazing experiences.

In the early days, I was grabbing friends, neighbours and work colleagues, asking if I could read for them, reassuring them that their 'Grandad Tom' or 'Auntie Flo' was still around, even though they couldn't see them. Shocking them with 'gems' of knowledge that they couldn't believe or sometimes they had forgotten until I reminded them, proving what I was doing was genuine and convincing even the most rigid of sceptics.

I was originally invited to work on platform alongside Lynn Rose, which became a regular occurrence undertaking platform work for various churches and spiritual groups and have worked alongside other mediums and healers over the many years, Mariea Rudenko for example. I undertake lots of private 'one to one' readings nowadays and many Group Readings for businesses, families and groups of friends.

I am a paranormal Investigator and I love this type of work. Please do get in touch to discuss your situation, no matter how trivial it may seem to you.

I also work for 'Paranormal Investigation' & 'Ghost Hunt' events across the UK, as their 'Guest Medium' ensuring safe handling and protection for the team and their guests, allowing everyone to enjoy the night.

I am also a qualified, certified and fully insured Healer Practitioner and Medium under The Corinthian Church & Healing Association.

Since qualifying as a full healer I have had the pleasure of working with so many lovely people, performing treatments to aid, ease and cure aches and pains, stress, headaches, wrist, neck and back problems, frozen shoulders, depression, inner ear and hearing problems, knee and joint pain, chest infections, carpal tunnel syndrome conditions, arthritis and much, much more.

Usually a marked improvement is obvious after the initial visit, but two or more treatments may be required to sustain the comfort. Most people want and enjoy the experience and cannot wait to book the next session. Each and every case is different and you will be advised of the recommended course of action after the first treatment. You are under NO obligation to accept or receive any more treatments than you request.

If you would like to book an appointment for me to visit or maybe just discuss the treatment with you, please click here.... HEALING

I am an experienced Paranormal Investigator, working for clients who have experienced 'unexplainable' events in their home or workplace. My experience and ability to perform house clearings, dovetails very well with my investigation work.

I would love to be able to meet or chat with you in any capacity. Please get in touch, even if only to tell me about any experiences you may have had anywhere, any time. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you.

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Below is picture of myself with Kurt and Sadie of the Haunted Ventures team and a great group of guests after a night at Fort Horsted.