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A team of experienced paranormal investigators and normally an experienced working medium (of which I am lucky enough to be one of) will lead you through some of the UK's most haunted and active buildings or venues.

There is no trickery or fake activities as the founder and his wife are genuine ghost hunters themselves!

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The word 'Paranormal' by dictionary explanation means 'Denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding'. This explanation is self explanatory, however, the Collins English Dictionary defines it as 'beyond normal explanation'. Surely this raises the question 'what is normal'?

I guess everyone's opinion of the word NORMAL is different. For me, to see or talk to spirit beings or be in the energy of a spirit being is normal. I find 'bungee jumping' and 'animal cruelty' not normal and therefore I wouldn't partake in either and don't understand why people do either of them.

For this reason, I totally understand why people are not interested in any form of linking with another world or level that we cannot explain and most of the time, cannot see. However, it exists in many forms and this is known as PARANORMAL.

I am a Paranormal Investigator, which means that I have an interest in anything Paranormal or unexplainable and I will investigate it on your behalf or for my own interest or both. This can range from unexplainable noises, smells, visions or activity, objects moving, lights and electrical appliances randomly switching on and off, doors opening and shutting and taps or switches being turned on and off. Children are very susceptible to seeing or 'picking up' on spirit activity and much of the work I am called to do, involves children having seen or experienced something that their parents cannot easily explain. Usually the child's account of an event holds some information that has caught the parents attention and is often proved to be more than just imagination.

Most Paranormal Investigators are not mediums. I have the benefit of being an active, working, recognised and registered medium. This means that in the event that a spirit presence is located in a home or area, I can not only locate it and communicate with it, but can usually undertake the job of 'moving it on' and ensuring he or she vacates the place where it has been located. This is sometimes simple and sometimes not! Each case is different and each job I undertake can use different methods to ensure the property is thoroughly cleansed. It has been requested on more than one occasion that spirit NOT be 'moved on' after linking with one, as the property owner is happy to accommodate the spirit and I love that too!

Upon receiving instruction to act, I will usually visit the property to undertake an assessment of the person or property and/or recent events, to see if I can make contact with any spirit or spirit energy present. This will allow me to formulate a plan to undertake my work as instructed by my client or the homeowner.

I would usually revisit within a few days to undertake the clearing as necessary.

Please do get in touch if you have any 'strange' goings on that you are curious about.

The Paranormal Investigating element of my work is backed up by using electronic and scientific meters and recorders to detect and identify changes in the environment and energy including 'Electro Magnetic Field' detectors and highly sensitive 'Temperature Sensors' and I have a range of interesting gadgets, cameras and recorders that you are free to explore and use yourself. With your approval, I will record images, temperatures, sounds, energies and EVP (electronic voice phenomena, which is sound not audible to the human ear) and document my findings.

Below is some interesting and useful information I have put together and gathered from various websites, to allow people an understanding of how we work and what we do.

Overview of Spirit and Spirit Attack

The effects of a spiritual attack can linger for months, even years. In fact, things usually get worse if left unaddressed. There is a mountain of documentation within the paranormal community pertaining to cases of evil spirits taking possession of dwellings and the people in them. As a professional psychic medium or paranormal investigator, it is crucial to take steps to protect oneself and their clients and team from the evil, sometimes homicidal entities you encounter on the job.

One notable psychic medium asserts that the famous case in Amityville, New York resulted from a demonic haunting that was allowed to remain in the home. The activity in the home rose to a fever pitch and eventually left the entire DeFeo family dead and son, Ronnie, in prison for life. Although the DeFeo case is extreme, victims in other cases report the decline of physical and mental health, increased financial problems and the destruction of important personal relationships as the result of negative or demonic hauntings.

With increased exposure to the paranormal realm comes increased risk of attacks of this nature. As a professional medium or investigator, we must also guard against energy drain that can impact our physical and emotional health.

While this article is written from the standpoint of a psychic medium, it encompasses the whole paranormal investigative community. It is vital to the safety and the success of any medium or investigator to employ simple protective practices in their work. Spirits are known to scratch, push, bite, attach themselves and can influence a persons thoughts and emotions. They can invade the physical body, causing medical problems in otherwise healthy individuals. In the most extreme cases, evil entities can cause serious bodily injury and even death to victims.

As a result, many fake mediums and newly formed 'ghost hunters' are chased off the job when a difficult or ill natured entity shows up with 'not the nicest' of intentions. Well, they beckoned the spirits......the spirits show up......what do they expect????

Following these simple but powerful steps can help us all stay safe on the job:

White Light Meditation for Protection

Prior to beginning a reading, cleansing, healing session or entering a location for an assessment, a professional may take 5-10 minutes to complete a meditation. I have copied a very simple and quick one here, which anyone can follow...

Imagine a powerful white light circling your head and moving down the length of your body all the way to your feet. Imagine this light expanding into a bubble or aura of protection that moves with you as you move and go about your work.

If you are a spiritual or religious person, you can imagine this protective light as a gift from or an extension of your higher power. If you are not religious, it is more than sufficient to imagine this light surrounding you as pure, protective energy and the extension of your own personal power and groundedness.

In addition to adding a layer of protection, you might find that this meditation enhances your readings or investigations (if this is what you do). Positive entities are attracted to this vital energy and take comfort in it. It is believed that spirits cannot see man-made light but they can easily see candlelight and the light energy that comes from a warm human aura.

Negative entities, on the other hand, shrink from the light. They prefer dark, dank spaces and are most at home around humans with fearful or depressed energy. Their power is somewhat diminished by the positive energy force generated by the white light meditation.

To take this meditation a step further, imagine a layer of mirrors surrounding you in addition to the white light. The mirrors reflect light back into the world. This allows you to have a powerful, positive influence on the environment while protecting you also from becoming drained or being attacked.

Meditation may seem unnatural if you are not into meditation. It does not have to have a religious or even spiritual connotation to work well. When you become good at it, you can begin your meditation in just a couple of minutes and imagine the light expanding as you go about your work. Continue to focus on the light at times throughout a reading or investigation. It is natural that your mind will want to wander during any meditation until you become more used to it..... you may think 'did I post that letter' or 'I must get fuel' right in the middle of the meditation...this is normal at first but you will be able to stop it with practice.


Most professionals show up for work armed with talismans and other tools of the trade. Investigators and mediums benefit from talismans too, to help keep themselves safe. If your professional is a religious person, they may draw from their traditions of their faith in selecting protective items for use in their work. Connecting with spirit is not a religious matter..... being a medium is a gift and something that can sometimes be taught to people who have the ability, but you do NOT have to be religious or believe in anything other than life exists after life on this earth. What types of talismans or protective items are used? There are tried-and-true methods within the paranormal community listed below. However, there aren't really any rules - if the items work and make the professional feel safe and boost their confidence, they will consider them worthy and appropriate. One famous investigator relies on a meaningful tattoo. Before heading out to the neighborhood tattoo shop, check out this list of a few things commonly used by mediums and investigators:

  • Crosses, Religious Medals, Holy Water
  • Medicine bags filled with herbs and stones, used by indigenous people for thousands of years.
  • Stones, like crystals and black tourmaline, used to banish negativity and charge the environment with positive energy.

Show Respect

The old "golden rule" even applies in the spirit world. When engaging in communication with spirits, all involved must be respectful. Many paranormal groups use 'heckling' to rouse spirits. While this method is effective in stirring things up, it usually brings about the kind of attention you don't want. The most responsible para-professionals don't use 'heckling' for fear of putting their clients into a dangerous situation. In readings, it would be expected that a medium will speak to their clients and spirit, just as you would during a business conversation. This standard will separates the thrill seekers from the true professionals in the paranormal and spiritual community.

Shutting Down

Friendly spirits are desperate for communication, whilst evil spirits want to draw energy from us and wreak havoc in our lives.

Because natural mediums are born with their abilities, it is impossible for them to shut them off entirely (imagine trying to turn your nose off when a dustcart drives by.) A professional medium must shut down communication after every reading or a healer after every session.

When a mediums work is done, they will politely ask the spirits to leave you and themselves alone. They may tell spirits that they are not allowed in your energy field nor are they allowed to follow you or themselves home. You don't have to be a medium to talk to spirit. Be firm in telling them to stay away from your family and pets. Bear in mind, however, that they don't always go away the first time you or a medium ask. Stay alert in the hours and days after intense work for signs of spirit attachments. In particular, keep track of your energy level and moods. Practice the white light and mirrors meditations; they work to cleanse your energy field and protect you from spirits seeking to attach. A mediums work may NOT be over after their first visit. This is not a reflection on their ability, it is purely a simple fact.

Cleansing Houses for Public and Working Mediums.

Setting up boundaries around a property or home allows one to lead a normal life (including mediums, outside of working as a medium or investigator). Because spirits, good and bad, draw from our vital energy, it is not advisable to allow any spirits to dwell in our homes. We should cleanse our homes of spiritual energy (including the mediums own home) on a regular basis. Living people deposit energy in the places they live and work and in order to truly begin each day 'a new', we must clear out this type of residual energy too.

Instruct a medium to cleanse your home regularly, especially if you make contact with spirit regularly. To cleanse the home, many professionals burn white sage and candles while asking for peace and positive energy to dwell in the home. They may place pure sea salt in the corners of each room and at the corners of the property outdoors to keep spirits away. Just like talismans, home cleansing rituals tend to be personal and a professional will undertake the ritual he or she feels will work for you.

If you contact spirit on a regular basis and ignore the cleansing of your property, you might find yourself living in a swirling portal of energy where spirits of all kinds run rampant. Energy drain over a period of time can lead to depression and health problems.

Plan for the worst

Any medium or investigator needs to make a plan in case the worst happens during, or after a reading or investigation. Most Investigator mediums are part of a team and should have a mentor, psychic medium or healer they will turn to if they sense their own energy field has been compromised. Good mediums will always stay alert for signs of energy drain, depression or unusual activity in their own home. Reacting to red flags when they pop up, affords a huge advantage in dealing with pesky spirits who trample on our own boundaries.

What Not to Do

A medium should never try to cleanse or bless a dwelling or person without permission from their client. Furthermore, they should never try to cross over spirits without speaking first with their client. The reason for this is because their job as a medium (or investigator) is to collect information and deliver messages - it is not their job to decide what to do about it.

If a medium determines the spirit is a loved one flicking lights off and on, or emanating the smell of cigar smoke in the home, the client might want them to stick around. Further, if the entity is evil or demonic, one must make a plan to further diagnose and properly treat the haunting. An off-the-cuff house blessing rarely works in demonic cases and usually just makes things worse.

Following practices to stay safe while working with the spirit realm allows us to continue this important work over time. The most successful mediums and investigators are those who make their own safety and that of their clients a top priority.