Steve Corbett ....Medium, Clairvoyant and Certified Healer

Your Link Between the Two Worlds

Distant Healing Record

Every evening, I will send out healing thoughts to those I have entered onto my healing record for thirty days after the initial entry onto the list.

If you need healing yourself or know of anyone who needs healing, please email me the words HEALING RECORD and their first name and a brief description of the healing required. For example:

Healing record Becci, broken arm...

Healing record George, depressed...

Healing record Mary, Cancer.

Send to me at:

[email protected]


text the words healing record followed by the persons name and brief description as above to:

07760 363715

I will confirm receipt of your message and keep given healing for thirty days. I will notify you when thirty days has passed.


Contact me to find out about stress relief and calming techniques through meditation and visualisation.

Use the contact form below to get in touch and arrange for your own healing treatment, in your own home. Maybe you just have some questions? Please do get in touch either way, I will be happy to help. Simply fill out your name, email address and your message and then press the 'SEND MESSAGE' button.

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Healing is taking up more of my time than I could have imagined, thanks to the great results we have achieved between myself, spirit and my patients.

I started my training as a student healer, under the Corintian Church & Healing Association several years ago, having been interested in all things spiritual. I received my initial tuition by a well known Surrey healer who spent many years running healing centres and working privately as a healer and trainer.

The initial case studies undertaken as part of my training as a student healer under the Corinthians were amazing, with eye opening results.

I am now a certified Healer Practitioner, still working under the Corinthians banner and currently undertake this work at clients houses, although I hope to have my own dedicated space prepared by late 2016, so you can visit me if preferred.


During a Healing session you will usually be asked to sit in a chair or occasionally lay on a therapy couch (depending on location and reason for healing).

No clothing need be removed other than hats, scarfs and gloves and bulky outer garments.

A full explanation of the process to be carried out will be explained and any questions you have will be answered, until you are entirely comfortable and happy that you are ready to begin.

You will be asked to sit quietly with your eyes closed and to concentrate on your breathing and visualise a place in your mind, where you feel comfortable and relaxed....this could be a park bench, your favourite beach, on a boat or anywhere you like.

I will pass my hands over you in stages, occasionally placing them lightly upon affected areas, if applicable and only with your permission.

You will feel relaxed and very comfortable and usually the heat from my hands will noticeably radiate onto you. It has been reported that the heat is quite surprising.

The sessions usually last between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the situation, healing required and the individual.

I will clearly indicate when the session is over and I always recommend that you sit, relax and adjust before attempting to stand up.

The treatment can be effective immediately or sometimes not noticed until the following morning. It is also common that your sleep will be improved the night following the treatment and your state of mind can be altered to appear more 'relaxed', making tasks feel more manageable and allowing you to have strengths where weaknesses once existed.

The results of every treatment can vary, depending on the reason for the treatment and the level of treatment required. I have found that initial treatment should be followed up by a secondary session usually a week later...... again, this can vary.


If you have any questions or would like to book a healing session, please do contact me at:

[email protected] 

Important Information.

If you are receiving medical treatment from your GP or other professional person, this treatment should not be stopped because you are receiving healing. Healing is designed to be a complimentary therapy, unaffected by and working with traditional orthodox medical treatment and medications. Under no circumstances should any prescribed medication be reduced or stopped regardless of any change in your circumstances or well-being, unless agreed by your GP or specialist by whom it was prescribed.

Spiritual Healing

Usually referred to as simply 'healing'. Spiritual healing is where the healer will create a clear channel to allow healing energy to be drawn from source and directed to the person requiring healing, either referred to as the 'client' or 'patient'.

It is very common to receive healing for generally feeling 'low' and 'out of sorts' as well as physical ailments. The energy or light passed from source through the healer onto the patient, is an age old treatment used by all faiths or people with no faith....babies and animals are responsive to healing and obviously have no faith!

Nothing is expected of the patient other than a 'want to be well' and a 'positive attitude' and to allow the healer to know how successful the treatment has been after each session.

In accordance with 'NHS Choices' your doctor has the right to refer you for Spiritual Healing if he feels it would be beneficial. You also have the right to request Spiritual Healing. It is necessary for you to always report to your doctor, the changes experienced if you receive Spiritual Healing. The Doctor will always remain in control of your medical care.

Spiritual Healing is complimentary to orthodox medicine, it must not be considered as an alternative. When you are unwell, you need to obtain assistance from your Doctor. If you receive Spiritual Healing, this will work in conjunction with your orthodox medicine to assist recovery.

I am a registered Healer Practitioner, certified and insured by the Corintian Church & Healing Association. Please get in touch to book your initial discounted session, if applicable, see my offers page for details.