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I was very impressed when Steve visited my home recently to give me a reading. I was able to relate to almost everything he said in one way or another. I found it unbelievable that he was so accurate with the points that he made. The session with Steve helped reassure me as to the right steps to take in preparation for the future. I would not hesitate to return for another reading or to recommend him to others. Toby.

Toby - Cheam Village - Surrey

Steve is a very friendly person who makes you feel at ease. I found the reading that Steve delivered accurate and with relevant evidence and this I found very reassuring and comforting.

Clare - Wimbledon. London.

Having never had a reading before I was unsure what to expect and quite nervous, within minutes of meeting Steve the nerves disappeared. Steve is a lovely guy who's reading was fascinating and came up with excellent evidence including names of relatives that had passed and information about them that he could not have possibly known. Would definitely recommend him. Thanks a lot Steve.

Dan - Wimbledon. London.

Had a reading done with Steve in a group reading session and it was so good, the stuff that came through. Some very interesting stuff came through that nobody would have known apart from my family. I would highly recommend him.

Chrissy - Tadworth. Surrey.

Steve is brilliant! He is very caring and insightful, I had a great reading with him. Talking to him felt like I was talking to a friend he is very genuine. He told me things I could relate to and some I couldn't necessarily relate to at the time, but later my dad could when I told him, which made it even more amazing! I will most definitely go back to Steve for another reading as soon as possible. I am beyond fulfilled with my reading and my expectations have been exceeded! Thank Steve

Jack - New Malden, Surrey.

Having suffered from neck pain for several months, caused by wear and tear, I decided to visit Steve to see if he could help me.

On my first visit, which lasted about 30 minutes, I felt heat coming from his hands as he began the healing.

Afterwards I felt very relaxed and the pain had subsided. The following days were pain free which was unbelievable.

I have since had another treatment from Steve, to continue the healing, and would definitely recommend him to others.

D.I.C. Sutton

I met Steve at a dinner party at a mutual friends. When I found out about his ability to talk to 'dead people', I was curious but somewhat sceptical, as I have never really believed or had the chance to experience such a thing before. Steve calmly told me about something I had done earlier that day, when I thought I had been totally alone and I know I had DEFINITELY not told anyone about what I saw/experienced, as it meant nothing to me at the time. Steve amazingly described the event as if he were there with me. He explained what it was that I had actually seen earlier that day.....or should I say 'who' it was that I had seen. Steve went on to not only described in detail what I was doing (attempting to repair my camper van heater), but actually told me what the fault was with the heater, apparently all given to him by the 'spirit being' that WAS with me at the time!!!? I was amazed, totally shocked and at the same time feel that I have been very ignorant for the last 49 years of my life, by not believing in this type of thing! I cannot explain what happened, or how Steve knew every detail? I have since experienced a few occasions when Steve has read for my family members and friends....unbelievable gift and totally genuine.

Mr A.D - Banstead, Surrey

Dear Mr. Corbett,

I wanted to write to you and give you some follow up after the healing session you performed on me at the end of last year.

I had been suffering with very bad nose bleeds that started in September last year (2014), these were accompanied with a feeling of pressure in my head. They would happen so suddenly and would be very difficult to stop and in one instance I had to go to Epsom A & E, this resulted in an immediate referral to Guildford hospital where I had my nose cauterised. A couple of days later the nose bleeds returned with the slightest movement.

You came and performed a healing session on me. During the treatment I felt a great heat transferred from your hands and it was as though someone was pushing down onto my shoulders (which was strange as at this point there was so actual contact from you to me at this time). I found the session very calming.

Since the healing I am very happy to say the nose bleeds have not returned so far and neither has the pressure in my head. (It is now February 2015).

I would recommend healing to everyone and Steve Corbett would be a perfect choice as he is a professional man that will put you at ease so you would feel comfortable in his company, and therefore allowing for an enjoyable and productive healing session.

Ms White, Tadworth.

Steve visited my home recently for a healing session. Although I had no major ailments, I did had several minor health problems that had been niggling for some months. As I had never been to a healer before, I did not know quite what to expect. When Steve arrived, he made a note of the particular problems I had and then explained what he was going to do.

After making sure I was comfortable, the healing began.

Steve told me to breathe deeply and relax as he started the process. After 20 minutes or so, during which I nearly fell asleep, Steve told me that he had finished.

When I stood up, I felt extremely relaxed, very light and almost as if I was floating. The pains that I had been experiencing had almost gone.

After the best night’s sleep I have had for months,

I was amazed to find that, when I awoke the next day, the pains had still not returned. I am due to have another healing session next week and would strongly recommend Steve to anyone else requiring healing. I am very relieved that I have found him.

D.J., Surrey

Steve performed some healing on me recently as I have had trouble with my ears since I was a child. Aside from the actual "being healed" aspect the whole experience was great from start to finish.

Steve is such a nice guy and immediately put me at ease, he explained clearly and concisely what he was going to do and throughout the healing I felt so relaxed.

My ears have definitely improved ! So far so good! I will definitely have more sessions with Steve in the future.

Claire F. 'Guadeloupe' in the Caribbean.

My reading with Steve was just fantastic!

Steve gave me incredibly accurate information about relatives who have passed, he also told me where to find my Great Grandmother’s ring that I had misplaced. I couldn’t believe it when I found it in exactly the place he has described!

Not only was Steve’s reading spot-on, but he is lovely and friendly and really put me at ease. I will definitely be back for another reading! xxx

Sofie, H. Cheam.

I have suffered from severe back pain for several years and after hearing about Steve from a friend I decided to have a healing session with him. Steve was very professional and explained exactly what he was going to do which really put me at ease. The treatment lasted about 30 minutes, and after Steve could tell me exactly where my pain was, which side it was and how it affects my leg as well (which it does ). I also have an issue with my shoulder which he picked up on. I felt very relaxed with Steve and my pain has eased and I haven't had to take my usual daily painkillers. I have now booked in for another session and have recommended Steve to a friend. Many thanks Steve.

Liz L. Walton OT Hill

I felt I had to write on Steve's testimonial page following an experience at my house recently.

Steve had come to our house to give healing to one of our family. When he arrived, I jokingly asked "You cant use your powers to help me find my card, can you?"... I was joking so thought nothing more of it.

After he had left, the phone rang and my husband answered.... It was Steve, asking to speak to me? He told me as he was driving home, spirit showed him a specific style and colour handbag, made of a specific material. He described in detail a bag I own (the bag was in my bedroom, nowhere near where Steve had been that day as he was working and healing downstairs), and referred to the comment I made previously about my missing card. He said that if the bag he described was one I owned, it might be worth a look inside???

All I can say is that when I looked in the bag (the bag that Steve had accurately described) my bank card was inside?????? OMG!

D.J.L. Tadworth, Surrey.

Hi Steve

Thank you so much for my healing.

As you know I had been ill since February and right up until mid June was on very strong medication to no avail.

Nothing helped until you gave me healing.....BINGO! a whole nights sleep, no difficulty breathing when laying down, no coughing up mucus day and night.

Feeling great. It has been six weeks since healing and all is well.. Bless You!

Ms L.R Ewell, Surrey.

Dear Steve

I am writing to tell you how pleased AND surprised I was with the recent results of my healing session with you.

I am not sceptical, I have been around psychics and mediums before and have always been interested and have actually been told I have the gift and ability to heal others myself.

However, I asked you to perform healing on me, as I had been experiencing very bad headaches and was fortunately nursing one when I met you. I expected some comfort and improvement after the session, but I was not expecting what actually happened.

After about 15 to 20 minutes and towards the end a very calming session, I was feeling very relaxed and I felt that after a full body treatment, you had returned to concentrate your energy to my head. You appeared to be pushing an invisible barrier or outer field away from me, as your hands followed the outline of my head, without actually touching me at all. As you were doing this, I felt the pain leave my head AS IF IT WERE BEING PUSHED AWAY. My headache had almost completely gone immediately!! It's what I wanted, but not what I expected, if I am honest.

I have told many people about my experience and hope that you can post this on your web site to show to people that healing DOES work and I am proof of this amazing gift that you have.

Thank you so much. P.A.C. Epsom, Surrey.

I met Steve for the first time this week, he was amazing, he knew nothing about me or where I lived and came up with some answers that he could not have researched.

Very quickly into our meeting he correctly came up with the name of my husband who I was desperately trying to receive information from, who passed away 4 months ago, also the name of my husbands mother who was with him – this is not something you can guess. He passed on a significant date which was the actual date of my husbands death. We tried to unravel the significance of a ring that my husband was showing Steve, and worked it out that I have been thinking of having some of his ashes put into a ring and my husband was saying it was 'ok' to do so.

Another very significant thing that occurred during our meeting – my husband was persistent in showing Steve some glasses and kept coming back to the lost glasses – during our meeting I looked at my phone to check when a date was for Steve and my friend had just text me to ask if I had lost a pair of glasses as she had acquired a pair and were they mine – they were not mine but how did that happen?

In addition to the above when I e-mailed Steve to ask if I could arrange an appointment with him again he knew nothing about me had never met me and said that he had a gentleman come through to him whilst reading my e-mail and exactly described my husband even down to the shirt he was wearing, that was amazing.

Towards the end of our meeting Steve asked me if I had any questions – I asked if he could ask my husband to tell me who had recently passed in our family and joined him, and he replied with the name Anne – Anne pass passed away 2 months ago and was my husbands brothers wife, how could he have known that?

Steve was very generous with his time – he said the reading would take possibly up to an hour but it actually took 2 hours, and at no point was Steve rushed – he genuinely wanted to help me.

Lorraine - Tadworth, Surrey.

Hi............We were recommended to Steve by a good friend.

We had experienced some freaky things in our house. Steve came to visit us at my relatives house first, as we had moved out and were staying there. He told us what he was going to do and answered most of the questions we had about the recent strange problems. He also put our minds at ease about things other people had told us. He assured us things don't happen like on the films.

After a cup of tea at my Aunts, Steve and three of us visited the house together. We all said we already felt a lot safer with him around as he seems to take it all in his stride. Steve immediately picked up on an old woman who was 'stuck' in our house. He said she probably lived there at some point and basically still lived there with us! WHAT...... FREAKY!!!! but what he described her doing and saying made perfect sense to us and we hadn't told him any of that stuff before, but he was soooo accurate!!!

He did some weird things with various different items and then spent about 15 minutes making sure the old woman had been sent to the 'other side' (as he called it.) He was in the room alone so I cannot say exactly what he did.

I am not sure what exactly happened that day, it all seems like a dream and I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what was going on during the weeks before he got there. All I do know is that it was scary and unexplainable, and I also know that since he left that day, nothing weird has happened at all. Worth every penny!

He emailed us after his visit to check everything was still ok. A great guy!

Thanks for everything Steve.

L and R, Kent.

I have never had a reading before so I was unsure of what to expect.

Steve explained to me what will happen and made me feel at ease, some of the things he had come through were on point and I'm very pleased with what was said.

Would definitely have another reading with Steve, wouldn't go anywhere else now.

Thank you Steve Kaylie L. Banstead. Sy.


Just a quick note to say thanks for the other evening.

I know Steve on a personal level and I received a text, out of the blue, from him the other night asking whether it was myself or my husband that had 'the headache'? This was not that surprising, as it is what Steve does!

It was my husband that had the pain behind his eye actually, so I replied via text telling Steve exactly this. He told me to tell my husband to sit quietly for a few minutes and told him some specific things to think of. After a few minutes I received another text from Steve telling me the pain in my husbands head should have gone and that his 'shoulder' pain should also be better? This was surprising as my husband had been experiencing some pain in his shoulder and elbow over the past few days but there is no way Steve could have known this. Steve claims he was guided to the shoulder area by spirit, when concentrating on clearing my husbands head pain.

The pain behind my husbands eye subsided almost immediately but strangely the pain in my husbands shoulder, that wasn't hurting at that precise time, started to ache after the brief 'remote healing session' from Steve.

I text Steve informing him of the immediate eye relief and the surprising recurring shoulder discomfort, which raised some humorous texts between us for a while, I must admit (ha ha). Steve said the recurring minor shoulder pain was normal and it will be gone in a few minutes.....this proved to be exactly what happened.

The following day my husbands eye was still without pain and the shoulder pain had not returned??

Thanks again. xx

DC and JC. Cheam, Surrey.

After a long battle of labyrinthitis for the last 6 and a half months I truly feel that I am coming to the end of this horrid journey.

Steve has been great, both in terms of listening to me rabbit on about how ill I have felt but also his ability to channel his "magical healing powers" and actually make a massive difference in my symptoms.

I have tried all kinds of alternative therapies, all of which have helped alleviate symptoms short term but not make them disappear altogether.

I met Steve 4 weeks ago and I'm so glad I have. I will continue to see Steve for a whilst yet I believe as I just can't seem to shake this horrible dizziness inner ear problem but he has most definitely improved my health.

Thank you so much Steve.

Claire C. Fetcham. Surrey

I have seen Steve more than once on the stage at Morden Church and at Hackbridge Church. I have also seen many different mediums over the years.

Steve is very sincere and extremely talented and gifted with regards to the messages he gives from the spirit world. He delivers them in a very thoughtful and sincere way. He is not rude and aggressive like some I have seen, that bully you into accepting what they are saying.

He brings a much needed and appreciated sense of humour and a warm atmosphere to what can otherwise be a very sad and grim time for many. He is so genuine and I have spoken with him after a demonstration and he is a lovely person. He actually gave me some information after one of his demonstrations, which he had been given by spirit when on the stage, but he did not think it was appropriate to say it out loud in front of people, so he told me after. What he told me was so accurate and only a few people on this earth could have known what he told me?

This not only proves how good he is but also how kind-hearted he is to not wish to make me feel awkward in front of people.

I will see him on stage whenever I can. Keep up the good work Steve.

S. R. Carshalton. Sy

I recently had a reading from Steve and found it most interesting.

This was the first time I have had a reading and although some things I could not relate to at the time they made sense to me later.

He also mentioned certain things which were very personal to me and my family and gave me great comfort.

I would certainly recommend him to others.

Mrs C. shaw - beith, Scotland

I had a reading with Steve this week and he has restored my faith in the spirit world.

I was starting to doubt, due to being ill recently but Steve bought my mum through and named my nan. My nan had a very uncommon name yet Steve named her along with a few other people who are all very dear to me.

He didn't clock-watch or bring my reading to an abrupt end (which has happened to me in the past with another medium) and he was happy to chat and answer my questions after my reading.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting a reading, in fact my partner now wants to arrange a reading.

Thanks Steve

Ms Katy G. Epsom, Surrey

My husband was recently killed in a road traffic accident and I was in turmoil.

Steve had a visit from him a couple of days after he passed, where he told Steve to tell me that he was okay and that it was instant and he did not suffer. My husband told him things that were very personal to me, which was very accurate which gave me great comfort.

I can only thank him from the bottom of my heart as the comfort he gave me at this terrible time was immeasurable.

Thank you again Steve. I would highly recommend Steve to all of my friends that are seeking comfort from a lost loved one.

Mrs Jamie W. Tadworth. Surrey.

I rang Steve after my son reported having an experience with a 'ghost' dragging him out of bed.

I was extremely scared but Steve was so reassuring and friendly! He came out the next day to see us- spoke to my son (who is 3) in a really appropriate way and was completely honest in his findings.

He then 'took the ghost away' purely for my sons benefit and continued to check in with us to see how we were after he came round.

Steve was so honest and friendly and I have complete confidence in all of his services!

Thanks again!

Charlotte - Epsom, Surrey.

Met Steve at my home recently with a joint reading with myself and daughter.

Told us events and things that only we would have known, and was very accurate.

It was very emotional but so glad we arranged it and very comforting.

Would def recommend him and will undoubtedly be seeing him again.

Thanks a lot Steve.

Hannah & Paul. Sutton

So yesterday we had Steve come to our house as we've been getting a strange smell and one of our children saying he saw things.

So he arrived and he was amazing, instantly put us at ease, he was great as we had the children around and he was very careful with what and how loud he spoke when they entered the room, so as not to scare them.

He told us quite a few things..... all relevent and had meaning.

To have Steve visit was like having a friend over he was so calming and friendly. He gave us a few options of what we do after his visit and was happy for us to decide where we go.

As he left we all felt so much better and the house has a great feeling. We look forward to having Steve back to continue investigating a little more about what he discovered.

Thank you so much Steve

Laura - Kingswood. Surrey.

Steve came to my house after I had contacted him about some things I had felt uncomftable within my house for quite some time.

My dad was worried about what this may stir up but steve was so reassuring and made you feel like he wasnt there because he had to be, but put the time and effort in and even still does, so he is a genuine guy and is really passionate about what he does!

He explained how his 'powers' worked and said some amazing and comforting things..... really couldnt 

thank you enough steve ! xx

Leanne - West Molesey

Steve is a friend of mine and I am aware of what he does and his abilities, both in a personal and business capacity.

One day whilst clearing out my van, I discovered that during the sorting and clearing, I had lost the keys to my van somehow?

After searching for over an hour, I had nowhere else to look that I hadn't already looked twice before, or more!

I spoke with Steve on the phone and asked if he could help, as I know of an instance similar that he had helped someone else with before. I had looked everywhere so had nothing to lose although it seemed a daft question to ask.

Within five minutes Steve rang me back. He said he sees the keys lying in a corner, between two pieces of joined, unpainted plywood.

This was a shock initially as the shelving in my van is made from unpainted plywood, so I checked all the shelf corners again, but still nothing.

Near the rear doors of the van were several rubbish bags, standing on my driveway, containing the rubbish I had cleared from my van earlier, one of which had fallen over as it was top heavy with off-cuts of wood. I picked it up and shook it, to settle the contents in the bag, so that it would stand up straight. To my amazement, when I looked into the top of the bag, there were my keys, sitting in the corner of two pieces of joined, unpainted plywood that I had thrown away.

I have no idea how Steve saw this, but he did. At the time I was so happy that the keys were back, I don't even think I thanked him! lol.

Danny - Headley.

Steve was my entertainment at my 'Come Dine With Me' style dinner with my work mates at my house.

My Mum was also there as she was interested in what was going to happen.

Steve read individually for all 5 of us, giving some truly unbelievable evidence that shocked us all and spooked one of my mates quite a lot.

He mentioned names, cars and items that were specific to each of us or our partners. He mentioned something that had been lost that belonged to my mates late Grandad George. Not only was her Grandad called George, but we found out a week later that they HAD lost something he had given them before he died.

He even described the inside of one of their houses as if he was walking through it, describing sofas, carpet and colours including a wall hanging object. He mentioned a DIFFERENT front door, which we found out HAD been changed by my mates parents, but she didn't know it at the time. He also said he could see a stone clad item he thought was a fireplace, it was actually a drinks bar, but it was close enough to shock us.

A truly enjoyable night with outstanding results and lots of laughs. That made up for the poor food I served up!

PLC - Epsom. Surrey

Dear Lynn and Steve,

Just to say a heartfelt thank you for all that you have done to make our house feel a safe home again. We could hardly believe the calmness and serenity we felt once you had diverted the ley line which was passing right through the entire house and also cleansed every room of unwanted energies.

You gave so much of your time to explain the problems we were experiencing and to reassure us that all would be well. The atmosphere in the house continues to improve, as does our general well-being. The kindness and understanding you both showed us was very much appreciated and it was such a pleasure to spend time with two very special people who have the wonderful gift of mediumship and healing.

We cannot thank you enough and would not hesitate to recommend you both to anyone needing help of this nature.

With my best wishes,

Marion from Tonbridge.

Lynne and Steve,

Thank you so much for my house clearing. My house feels so much more comfortable and the energy has changed so much. After 3 year my daughter now speaks happily to everyone in the house.

3 days after your visit I was offered a new job double my salary. Your predictions were 100% accurate.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to any household.

Thanks N. Kaur. London

I have had problems with ghosts I'm my home for over 5 Years it had got to the point where I did not feel that it was my home anymore so I had found Lynn Rose to help me.

Lynn and Steve come to my home to help. Through all the stuff they both did I could feel my home was mine again it was amazing how the atmosphere had changed. I'm please to have got in touch with Lynn I would highly recommend if you feel you need help with ghosts. please get in touch with Lynn or Steve.

I would like to thank you both so much for what you had done for me and Jody we are so greatful. I am know getting the sleep I need I'm feeling more and more like me again.

All the best

Emily F. Godalming. Surrey.

Steve was a total delight, he was kind and reassuring. He did not rush and was really accurate. I have had two previous readings by other mediums but none compared to the information he gave me. I would certainly recommend him to anyone. I feel at peace knowing that my father has reached his destination safely and is well and happy in spirit.

Sue H. Ewell, Epsom.

When I met Steve for the first time- I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

I had seen mediums before in the past and therefore knew roughly what it was all about and how it all worked..but you still get that excited and nervous feeling!

I had been in contact and spoken to Steve prior to our meeting and he is honestly the most loveliest and down to earth guy you will ever meet.

The day came to meet Steve, we met close to where we both lived which wasn’t to far and convenient. We sat down, had a drink and a general chit chat, and again he made me feel comfortable, at ease, and went on to discuss about “how he works” what he experiences, how he manages to generally connect and so on. He made it clear to not give him information, more like “yes” and “no” and then at the end of the reading I could go into more depth if I wished,however at anytime I wanted to stop him and ask questions then to feel free at any time.

So- I had my reading. All I can say is wow. Now I’ve done this before, and honestly everything that Steve came out with was spot on. Steve was so calm, chilled out and the whole time was really nice and pleasant-it was honestly like sitting with a good friend for a catch up! Steve came out with things only I knew.

Now-this is nothing to be worried or scared about. Until you’ve done this and experienced this, you really don’t appreciate it, but what might be stopping you is honestly just the fear of the unknown. What we don’t know we automatically fear-that’s normal-we are human!

After my session with Steve, again we sat and chatted, I then went on into detail about everything Steve said- this helps clarify everything said prior and you know, it’s generally nice for Steve to hear from the source itself, it let’s him know as well that he’s constantly developing himself as believe it or not- this stuff ain’t easy-you don’t just wake up with these amazing abilities, it’s like everything in life- you have to wok at things to make them better and stronger.

I honestly couldn’t recommend Steve enough, he is honestly such a genuine guy who is amazing at what he does and I most definitely will be staying in contact with him and wouldn’t go else where now.

Guys- long story short- don’t be afraid and embrace it. There is no right or wrong time to go, you may just want to go on a off chance, a whim, or maybe you really want to try and get in contact with a loved one, all I can tell you is you won’t regret it and the whole experience is amazing and totally makes you feel calmer and as such at peace with yourself or whatever your going through.

Thanks again Steve for such a lovely and pleasant reading :)

Zoe G. Ewell. 

Steve and Lynn are the best!

They are professional and very friendly and put you at ease straight away. I was amazed at the information they gave me.

I called them in because of a door that continually opened on its own. Since they visited and carried out a cleansing, the door has not opened on its own again!

I highly recommend these guys.

Thanks so much Steve and Lynn.

Amanda. Cobham. Sy.

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